Cherry-picking your way out of trouble

I find cherry-pick to be one of those great underutilized features of git. And maybe that’s good, because it’s mainly used to apply hot fixes. The way it works is very simple, it just let’s you merge one or more commits from one branch onto another. Awesome, right? Imagine a situation in which you have […]


How to keep an SSH session alive

* This is a Has it ever happened to you… kind of post. Imagine you’re logged in to a server doing some magical stuff. Then you go grab a coffee and when you come back… you’re logged out from the server. Yes, it sucks. You have to SSH in again and cd into the same […]


The first one

This is the first post on this brand new blog, and it has a very descriptive title. I wanted to start a blogging for some time, but always ended up postponing it. Mainly because of a generous dose of impostor syndrome, but also because I haven’t been good at making the time to make the […]