Working with discount coupons in Laravel Spark

** EDIT 2018/04/04: This is applicable to both Spark 6 and 5 **  EDIT 2018/10/19: This posts was made for Spark 5, but most likely it still perfectly applies to Spark . I've read the changelog and upgrade instructions, and those do not mention any changes regarding coupons. I'll update this post once we upgrade to [...]

So you wanna yarn add a dependency from a git repo?

I'm posting this because, even if really basic stuff, I've bumped my head with this wall way too many times before successfully managing to accomplish the task: Use yarn add to pull a dependency while using a git repo as the source. It is, in fact, really simple (though I feel is way to verbose [...]

Easily transfer entire local directories to Amazon S3 using s3-parallel-put

A couple of weeks ago I faced the need to upload a large number of files to Amazon S3, we're talking about lots of nested directories and ~100gb. So, after entering panic-mode for a couple of seconds I turned to our trusty Google and kindly filled its input with "transfer from local to amazon s3" [...]

Cherry-picking your way out of trouble

I find cherry-pick to be one of those great underutilized features of git. And maybe that's good, because it's mainly used to apply hot fixes. The way it works is very simple, it just let's you merge one or more commits from one branch onto another. Awesome, right? Imagine a situation in which you have [...]

The first one

This is the first post on this brand new blog, and it has a very descriptive title. I wanted to start a blogging for some time, but always ended up postponing it. Mainly because of a generous dose of impostor syndrome, but also because I haven't been good at making the time to make the [...]