Working with discount coupons in Laravel Spark

** EDIT 2018/04/04: This is applicable to both Spark 6 and 5 **  EDIT 2018/10/19: This posts was made for Spark 5, but most likely it still perfectly applies to Spark . I've read the changelog and upgrade instructions, and those do not mention any changes regarding coupons. I'll update this post once we upgrade to [...]

So you wanna yarn add a dependency from a git repo?

I'm posting this because, even if really basic stuff, I've bumped my head with this wall way too many times before successfully managing to accomplish the task: Use yarn add to pull a dependency while using a git repo as the source. It is, in fact, really simple (though I feel is way to verbose [...]

Easily transfer entire local directories to Amazon S3 using s3-parallel-put

A couple of weeks ago I faced the need to upload a large number of files to Amazon S3, we're talking about lots of nested directories and ~100gb. So, after entering panic-mode for a couple of seconds I turned to our trusty Google and kindly filled its input with "transfer from local to amazon s3" [...]